Behind TA-Logistics is Thorkil Andersen and his family, who have built up solid experience in transport and logistics over many years. It begins in 1989, when Thorkil Andersen takes over full ownership of the logistics company Frode Laursen, which at the time was struggling with falling prices, deficits and increased competition. With the help of focus and streamlining, Thorkil succeeded in turning the company's deficit into a profit, and today Frode Laursen is a major, recognized Northern European logistics company.

Since then, Thorkil Andersen and his family have acquired several logistics companies and this investment activities are brought together under TA-Logistics. Today, TA-Logistics owns a portfolio of activities within logistics companies and properties. TA-Logistics is a family-owned investment company that focuses on logistics and transport. We have two types of activities: Firstly, we own and operate operational logistics companies and secondly, we buy land and develop logistics properties.

Our many years of work with transport and logistics have given us expert knowledge and passion for logistics, which gives us a good background to invest, operate and develop logistics companies. We are continuously working on expanding our portfolio of logistics companies and properties and will continue to invest in logistics in the future, and we are therefore always looking for our next investment.

Our values ​​are simple and can be recognized in all our activities: